Why Choose a Content Managed Website?

With a traditionally constructed website, making changes or updates can be problematic. It requires a high degree of technical expertise, dedicated software and programming skills.

Having a website that has been build on a platform such as WordPress or Drupal means that you can quickly and easily update your own website without the need for specialist assistance. Adding up-to-date news items or information can be done in minutes using a secure administrator login.

A regularly updated website with relevant and interesting content will generate additional and repeat visitors, turning it into a useful point of reference.

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What Website Content Management Systems are available?

We use WordPress and Drupal. They are both fully flexible, offer an easy to use interface and there are endless additional features that can be plugged into your website.

Using these platforms we are able to create websites for all purposes, from simple brochure websites to fully functioning e-commerce stores.

WordPress or Drupal - which platform is right for me?

Once we have an idea of your business and the type of website you are looking for, our team will be able to advise which platform is best suited to your project. Both platforms have their strengths, so a decision will be made depending on what will provide the best possible base for your site.


If you would like to find out more about content managed websites and how your business could benefit, give us a call on 01865 920 003