Mobile Friendly Websites

When talking about mobile-friendly websites the term 'Responsive' will come up. Basically, this means that your website will respond depending on the screen that it is being viewed on and adjust accordingly.

The topic of having a mobile friendly website has become increasingly relevant, especially since Google announced an update to its mobile search algorithm in April 2015, that would downgrade any website for it's mobile results that was not deemed to be 'mobile friendly'. This changed the need of having a mobile-friendly website from just being about creating a user-friendly experience, to it being a necessary part of a successful SEO strategy.

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What are the benefits of having a mobile-friendly website?

A mobile friendly website makes the users experience much easier and means they are more likely to use your website more often, increasing the possibility of turning them into a customer. If they are constantly having to zoom in/ scroll to read your website or cannot navigate it properly, they will move onto a competitors website who has catered for mobile users.

Search Engine Optimisation and a websites position in the mobile search results on Google is now affected by how mobile-friendly the website is. Google will rank them higher than non-friendly websites, which means that it will be harder for users to find a website if it is not responsive or adaptive. With an increasing number of searches now being completed via a mobile device (over 50%) a business could be missing out on a lot of potential traffic.

Example of a responsive website -

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