IRUN Support and Hosting

Once a website has been developed by IRUN, the customer has a number of options as to how they wish the website to be hosted and supported online.

1. Host the website with IRUN

This is the most popular option with customers and it is the easiest to implement. Once the website has been finalised and all parties have agreed that it is ready to be put 'live' on the internet, it will be moved to one of the IRUN servers and the domain name(s) will be pointed to this as appropriate. This then enables IRUN to continue support for the website, keep regular backups and to perform necessary updates as and when they are required.

Depending upon the package the client has opted for, IRUN can then provide email provision if wished for and help the customer to configure these as appropriate.

2. Host the website with a third party

Some businesses have a previous website which has been hosted/ supported by another IT company and they may wish to continue this service with them. Alternatively, a business may wish to work with another hosting company (for example, 123-reg). IRUN can work with this third party to make the necessary arrangements for the transfer of the website files and database in order for it to be hosted by them. In some cases IRUN can load the website onto a third party server at an additional cost.

If a website is hosted with a third party then IRUN no longer accepts responsibility for the site and any updates/ maintenance will be down to the customer and their provider.

Hosting your website with IRUN

Hosting your website with IRUN allows us to continue working with you on your online business development and to ensure the smooth running of your site.

The options available from IRUN includes a 'Hosting only' package; this means that we simply host your website on our server and ensure that it is 'live' and available on the internet. We will apply essential updates as and when they are required to ensure that the site keeps working.

If a customer is on the 'Hosting only' package, any support requests may be charged at an additional rate. Whereas with the 'Hosting and Support' package, full support and assistance is provided.

Quick response and excellent assistance. We really appreciate the guidance/assistance given by...
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Office Manager
Gymkit Gymnasium Services Limited

What is 'Support'?

Customers have the option to pay for 'Support', this means that IRUN undertakes a number of activities on the behalf of the websites. If a customer is not paying for Support, then some of the below tasks may be charged at an hourly rate.

Regular Updates Backup Systems Training
To keep a website fully functioning properly online, updates need to be maintained and implemented. IRUN takes care of this  and once we are aware of a new core update, this is applied as appropriate without any additional cost or involvement from our customers. We regularly take backups of our server (everyday to be precise) and store these for a period of time in a number of locations. If anything was to happen to your website which stopped it functioning properly and it needed to be rolled back, we can put the backup into place. All of the websites we build are content manageable, which means that the business can maintain and edit their own website. Once the site has been finished, we will provide training to the relevant person(s) at the company. This is usually done via an online meeting and training manuals are also available.
Help Security Email Provision
If ever there is a problem with the website or a customer is unsure of how to do something on the site, support is available from our team. You can contact us via phone, email, online chat, ticket system or via online chat on the website. We also assist customers with queries regarding domain names or other general marketing queries. Security updates are crucial to the safety of a website and its data online. We regularly monitor the servers and how they are performing. As and when new updates are available, these are applied to the sites and/ or servers to ensure they are robust and to reduce the risk of a cyber-attack. Included in the hosting and support of a website is the option of an email provision. Depending upon the specific package, the number of emails we are able to provide varies from 5 upwards. This also includes ongoing email support and help in configuring email clients, e.g. Outlook


If you have any queries about the hosting and support of your website, give us a call on 01865 920 003 or email - we are always happy to help!