The Feedback and Referral Module

Asking your customers for feedback and acting upon those comments is crucial for any business that wants to be successful.

Understanding what customers really think about your business is vital when making important business decisions and if the feedback has been collected properly, it may even increase your sales and boost client retention.

There are many feedback systems available, but most fail to deliver any real result and in a lot of cases, all they really do is irritate customers.

IRUN has partnered with Enquir3 to offer customers a unique system that is easily integrated into current marketing activities and their website, to offer a fully automated process.

Very personal, and very quick to respond to any queries. Always very friendly and helpful.
Client details withheld
Company Comment
Hi Sue, thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. I will pass your positive comments onto the website development and customer service teams. We look forward to continuing our work with you in future and helping you to maximise the benefits of having a content manageable website, with an integrated feedback and referral system. Kind regards, jenny

How does it work?

We refer to the Feedback and Referral module as 'FBR3' (Feedback Referral, Request & Reward System). This is a module which can be added onto a website, which includes the full functionality for feedback/ referral collection and the publishing of this feedback.

There are two feedback forms available for use; the feedback form, a standard form that is used for collecting feedback, which is then moderated and published as appropriate. The second is the 'Feedback and Referral form', this looks the same as the feedback form but once it has been submitted (and as long as the customer has indicated they would recommend) they will be sent a follow-up email with a link to a separate referral form. Here they can enter the details for anyone whom they think may be interested in your services.

The person they have referred will then receive an email offering them an incentive to become a customer. If they choose to take up this offer and once it has been marked as 'redeemed' by the business, the original referrer will also receive a reward as a thanks.

What else is available?

There are a number of additional tools available to support the feedback and referral module, depending on the individual business some tools may be more appropriate than others.


Feedback App

Customer Care Programme

Advisor directories Widgets API