Examples Of Feedback

Do you know what your customers REALLY think about you? Most businesses won't hear anything from their unhappy customers until they eventually get so fed up that they move onto a competitor. Taking the time to ask your customers some simple questions about the service could help discover any improvements that need to be made, identify areas for expansion or flag any issues with the products or staff.

By asking 'What stood out about the service?' and 'What could have been done better?' - the business will get a balanced overview of what their customers think, instead of just finding out the positive comments which are nice, but they don't give the business anything that they can action.

The ratings summaries are great for providing an overview on how different aspects of your service are viewed, if you score relatively low on 'quality of communications' then you know that's an area which needs to be worked on.

These feedback examples were for a business services company, who used these comments to identify the problem areas within their business and to act on the improvement suggestions.

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