Components Of The Feedback System

Once the Feedback and Referral module has been installed, there are a number of components which can be displayed on the website. These can be styled with the appropriate font etc for the website so that they fit in with the overall design. A business can choose to display these where they would like and not all options have to be used.

The Feedback Form

There are two feedback forms available; the Feedback form and Feedback/ Referral form. Both forms look the same, but the functionality behind them is different. The form consists of text boxes and select options for the 5-star rating questions. The question set is standard and the same for all customers using the feedback and referral system, additional questions can be added if desired. The person providing the feedback has the option to remain 'anonymous', which will automatically populate the name etc fields with 'anonymous'.

Ratings Summary

There are three 'Ratings Summary' blocks available to be displayed on the website; 'Performance Overview', 'Recommendation Summary' and 'Ratings Summary'. A business can pick and choose which of these they want to display on their website, but the majority or people opt to display all three. The 'Ratings Summary' displays an average summary of the responses and the 'Performance Overview' summarises how a business is rated depending upon the ratings score they received on average.

Feedback Overview

The feedback overview page has an area at the top which content can be entered, for example to display details of their feedback incentive and a link to the feedback form. Below this there are two tabs 'Outstanding feedback' and 'More great feedback'. 'Outstanding feedback' displays all of the feedback which has been 'promoted' and the 'More great feedback' shows all of the feedback currently published on the website. Underneath each feedback comment is a 'More' button, this will open up a pop-up displaying further details about the feedback left and the 5-star ratings.

Mid-copy Testimonials

Testimonials can be embedded within the content of the pages by inserting a 'token' which will pull through one testimonial at the moment (multiple tokens can be entered on a page). Every time the page is refreshed, a new testimonial will be displayed. These can be styled depending upon the website owners preference so that they stand out from the normal page copy.