Step 3: Client Engagement and Content Creation

Find out what your customers think and use this to grow your business

Now you have all of the appropriate online marketing tools in place and you are familiar in how to use them, you need to focus on growing these activities and to make sure that the customers you gain are well looked after and satisfied with the service they receive from you.

In this final part of our online workshop series, we cover how to effectively communicate with your customers and how to use this feedback when making business decisions.

What will the workshop cover?

  1. How should you ask your customers for feedback?

    Many people are put off when being asked for feedback, but this is commonly due to the business approaching the subject of 'feedback' in the incorrect way. Understand how and when you should ask for feedback, in order to get the most benefit from the responses

  2. Deal with the feedback appropriately

    If you receive a great bit of feedback, then thank the customer. If you receive feedback from a customer who was less than satisfied, find the time to respond and deal with any issues that came to light. This will help to improve your overall service to customers and avoid losing any.

  3. Use this content in your marketing activities

    Once you've gathered some great testimonials from your customers, use them! Share them on social media, on your website and in email marketing campaigns.

What do I need for the workshop?

Once your place on the online workshop has been confirmed, you will be emailed the link to access the online meeting with. To join this you will need a computer with a working internet connection and either a headset or a phone to dial in with. All details on how to join will be included in the email.