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Social Media

Social Networking sites these days have a positive impact on your SEO and if used correctly, they can enhance your online brand and reputation (be aware - they can damage it too!). Social Media has rapidly grown over recent years, with millions of users connected from around the world. With the most popular sites being Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, but there's plenty of others to choose which may be more appropriate to your industry, such as Pinterest or Tumblr.

How does it work?

Social Media is where you post short updates (size depends on the network) which are then seen by your followers/ connections. Updates can be anything you wish - links to your products/ website, industry news or articles or just friendly chat. The main principle of Social Media is to get 'social' by responding to others updates, following them and engaging as much as possible.

Getting started

Setup your profiles on the chosen Social Media sites and populate these with your company details, usually contact info and a brief description of your business.

Then depending on the network, the next step is to start building up followers. Once people are following you/ connected to you they will start to see all of your updates and be able to respond to you. This increases the amount of traffic being driven via social media and helps to develop relationships.

The key to success is to keep your profiles updated - it doesn't look good when a potential customers looks at your Twitter feed and sees that your last post was 2010. Think about what you're posting and make it intersting/ relevant to your followers, don't just talk about yourself all the time.

How can we help?

We can do everything for you, or just get you going - it's up to you.

We can start by advising on the best networks for your business, help setup the profiles and ensure they are configured correctly. We can also help you to develop a social media strategy to help build followers and increase conversions.

Our FREE online Web Promotion and Social Media workshop covers all of the basics, so if you're still confused by Social Media why not book a place? Take a look here for all of the details