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Are you disappointed with how many sales or enquiries come via your website? Or maybe you're just simply bored with the design? Then it could be time to consider updating your website. There's lots of different factors to take into consideration for a website, but sometimes it's the small things...


Are your customers happy with the service you provide? Most businesses will assume they are providing good service and that unless a customer shouts, they are all happy. The problem is that businesses don't do enough to identify those who are unhappy, therefore the service is never improved and...


Many businesses assume that email marketing is an old-fashioned, out-of-date practice that really isn't worth bothering with. But with the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets in recent years, emails are more accessible and more valuable than ever.

Have you tried email...


Google recently announced some upcoming changes to their Third-Party Policy, the most notable point of this is that all customers should have access to their Google accounts and all of its products, regardless of whether the service is provided and managed by a third party. It throws up an...


Do you have a process for collecting feedback and referrals within your business? We know that most of the time business owners are too busy making sure that everything runs smoothly and all of the jobs 'that can wait' never get done, one of those being; to ask for feedback and referrals.


You've probably heard about Google Webmaster Tools and you may have created an account, but we bet you've never really paid any attention to it. Right? Truth is, there's a lot of valuable information and tools available through the system. One particularly useful tool that we are going to focus...

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Social Media is quickly evolving and it is very easy for a business to fall behind the crowd. You may have the perfect strategy in place and a regular stream of tweets, updates and photos going out, but all too often, the necessary maintennace of social media profiles is forgotten.


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One of the most common struggles a small business faces online, is content creation. It's at the core of a successful Search Engine Marketing plan, but without adequate inspiration or time to scour the internet for ideas, it is often left behind.

Search Engine Marketing isn't the only...

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The latest Google Panda 4.0 update has been released and it's already starting to have an impact on some sites.

The aim of Panda is to boost high quality content sites and push the lower quality further down the search results.

Has your site been affected by this change? Whether...


Amazon and the social media giant Twitter have joined forces to bring online shopping straight to your news feed.

If you're a retailer selling on Amazon (or any other business!) and you still haven't joined the world of Twitter, then what are you waiting for? The ever growing list of...

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